Holding onto memories that transport you back to your celebrations

Hi, I’m Aden. I’m so lucky to be a wedding photographer that has worked at wedding venues throughout the whole of the UK and internationally. Wedding photography has been a passion of mine for over 12 years. With over 350 weddings photographed, each single wedding day offers a new, unique experience.

The personal memories I create from each wedding story, will be with me for the rest of my life. This is what makes being a wedding photographer the best job in the world. No love stories are ever the same. I photograph images honestly for all brides, grooms, at all venues, and for all who celebrate following traditions or rule breaking.

I'm a UK wedding photographer, second to being a dad. Find me on Instagram and Facebook for more wedding inspiration with all sorts of wedding photos and wedding work. Become a fan of the wedding and engagement shoots I regularly share. Keen to complete wedding photography in my dream locations of Lake Como, Lake Garda, and the Amalfi coast. Closer to the UK I'd love to shoot couples wedding photography in Westminster Abbey, Kew Gardens and central London.

Stunning wedding photography by a passionate wedding photographer


12 years as wedding photographer

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1,500,000+ moments preserved (and counting!) for years to come

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Over 350 weddings photographed

Weddings are unique experiences, with moments that unfold in front of your eyes.

There are so many wedding photographers in the UK, but what makes me different? When it comes to describing my personal style – relaxed and documentary wedding photography is the easiest way to explain it, but the truth is, there is no one style fits all category.

Specialising in a light, reportage and emotive style, truthfully representing the colours of your day. I’m a wedding photographer that pays attention to lighting, finding that artistic viewpoint others fail to see. My promise to you, is that I will give my artistic viewpoint to your wedding, and that I can’t guarantee I won’t make you cry happy tears after the wedding, when I deliver your gallery!

I like to have fun and involve myself, as this is contagious. I want you to feel like I’m part of your wedding party, not as a supplier, but as a friend you trust, and for others to see me slip into the wedding like another guest. This is a true definition of the wedding photographer reportage style.

Recognition in its finest form

Over the years, I have been featured and given awards in many places. All of these are respectable platforms in their own right. Within the wedding photographer industry, this gives validation to the authentic work I have captured. I am extremely grateful for each and every one of these.

In 2023, I was awarded the Bridebook Platinum Award for receiving more than 30 5 star reviews on their platform. The awards are designed to recognise excellence within a specific category. My award was from the, “Wedding Photography,” category. The best bit? I didn’t even know I’d been entered until I won it!

It's up to me as a wedding photographer to capture the joy and personality of that moment - the easiest way to do this is to just understand who you are as a couple and capture exactly that.

I want you to feel like I’m part of your wedding party, not as a supplier, but as a friend you trust.

Weddings are family events that will be remembered for years to come, this is the best way to describe a relaxed documentary style wedding photpgrapher. Holding onto memories transporting you back to that lovely day just like you are right there within it.

It’s up to me to capture the joy and personality of that moment – the easiest way to do this is to just understand who you are as a couple and capture exactly that.

One common question I get asked by guests is, “Have you been friends with the couple for a long time?” sometimes even questioning if I am a guest from the other side of the family! Business is important, but honesty more so.

Sleek wedding photography telling wedding stories from the engagement shoot to the end of the party

Katie & Lewis.

Summer themed wedding

What to say about Katie and Lewis’ The Barns East Yorkshire wedding? Wow? Awesome? Magazine worthy!? Well, it’s not a styled shoot – real wedding all the way over here – but you’re in for a treat with this utterly gorgeous wedding! ….. Summer Riverlands wedding

Natural wedding photography, with painless group shots on your wedding day

Relaxed & natural documentary approach to weddings

Personal wedding photography

When it comes to wedding photography, personality is key to unique wedding photographs.

From the initial meeting, throughout the planning, to after the wedding, I treat this as a friendship and not just a financial commitment. We need to have a connection so I can see what brings you together. I have the ability to chat with you both and see what matters to each of you as a person and a married couple.

Each couple has that connection – be it a little glance every now and then to reassure each other, those discreet little hand touches when walking, or maybe that hug every now and then to feel that embrace. I’m an observer and capturer of these intimate moments.

On your wedding day, a combination of your relationship, my talent with a camera and the psychological edge that should be applied by wedding photographers, all culminate in bringing passion into your images.

I want to achieve those personal, award winning moments for you by capturing exactly who you are. I always say my reviews are my awards – make sure to read them here.

“Sometimes people come into your life that bring a sense of creativity and a reassuring yet joyful disposition, and for us it was working with Aden as the photographer for our wedding and engagement photos. We love how Aden’s photographs capture moments and emotions.”

Vanda & Gareth 2022

After a great UK engagement shoot at the park, the photo results from their UK wedding photography was gorgeous. A large number of shoots make the event something daunting, but that's something you don't need to worry about with me as your wedding photographer. Of course, a few composition snaps are necessary as clients, but I aim for relaxed and natural charm with you in charge.
I have lots of UK wedding work of couples shared on Instagram, including some other group photos ideas. I've been asked to recreate this photography pictures of a bride and grooms hands in place, showing love and emotion. I'm a photographer based in Lincolnshire, but travel all over from the Wiltshire countryside to Italy, Cornwall to London, and multi day This wedding photography at Saltmarshe Hall, telling your wedding stories, is one of my favourites.
This couple chose a second shooter in their UK wedding pricing package, for extra wedding photos. Whether Santorini or Marrakesh, Spain or Rome, I'm a UK photographer based in Lincolnshire, with close ties to this Yorkshire wedding.
My approach to wedding photography is to create a fun story with photographs being the bonus, not work. People and laughter make a UK wedding fun, unlike other UK top photographers who are too serious. My type of ceremony is chilled, with gorgeous light everywhere, but not a phone, parents with humour and a quality service with romance and beautiful words for you.
A tip when building your day, think of building the imagery of the setting, where editing of tone is a minimal. Everyone should have the opportunity to have professional photos done in their lives, whether in a suit, or chilled at home in the UK. It's not UK fashion photography, but wedding photography. so on the menu is a bit of love, times of fun and people who care. My advice is to give smiles and do your thing.
I travel all over from Devon to the Cotswolds, Portugal to Surrey, Oxfordshire to Berkshire, Cumbria to Tuscany, multi day destination wedding photography, Kent to Hertfordshire to Qatar, Yorkshire weather or all over Europe. I love all the elements of portraits and wedding photography and love any kind of chance I get to play and show any amount of work, everywhere on Instagram. My name is @adenphoto.

Other wedding photographers leave after the first dance – let’s change it.

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Documentary photography is about holding on to memories.

The best wedding photographers capture those natural emotive moments on your special day,  little details of magic that can only occur in that place and time. Appreciating the importance of these shots is what makes a professional wedding photographer.

The father of the bride’s face, as his only daughter emerges in her wedding dress. The little ones in the family rolling around the grass – in their best outfits. The groom sneaking a  nervous look over his shoulder, towards the love of his life. Or, even the glance you give each other as you take those first steps down the aisle together.

Weddings come in all kinds of styles, from intimate weddings with only the two of you, to larger weddings captured with upwards of 500 guests.

Moments of pure emotion

Farm weddings to grand halls, movie sets to private islands. Over the years I have experienced so many of these, taking me on my travels throughout the UK and all over the world.

Wedding photography at Hooton Pagnel

My latest wedding stories

I’m a proud blogger and keen to show off an example from some of my latest weddings. Below is a feed with stories all over the UK. As a wedding  photographer, I believe it’s open and honest to not just show a selection of finely curated photographs, but a broader selection of images on my website to show ideas of what you may expect. What better way to do this than blogging more pictures than I can possibly share on Facebook and Instagram. I am also more than happy to share full image galleries.

Entrance at Dorfold hall, wedding photography

Dorfold hall wedding photographer, Cheshire Countryside

Aimee and Elis found me as their Dorfold Hall wedding photographer for their stunning June wedding in Cheshire.

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Lewis and Katie having their wedding photo taken at Riverlands wedding venue

Riverlands, Wedding Barns: Relaxed and Unique Wedding Photography

East Yorkshire Barns was the perfect location for an amazing wedding - no detail was left out - and the dancing, well!

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Lucy and Craig in the gardens having their wedding photo taken at Saltmarshe Hall

Exclusive use Saltmarshe Hall – wedding venue

Saltmarshe Hall in Yorkshire is a dream venue, for couples and wedding photographers alike! Check out Lucy and Craig's elegant summer wedding here.

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Family Portrait Photography

Along side my wedding photography, I also offer family portrait photography. The reason I offer this, is that I believe the families that are made at a wedding, and so most couples need to continue telling your story beyond the wedding. Whether it’s a holiday to remember, another milestone, or a new addition. From newborns to pets, I’m here to capture all those not to be missed moments that matter, be it at the park or a formal venue.

Set a date to spend time adventuring with loved ones in nature, with celebrations full of laughter and emotions. Documenting these mini stories is storytelling at its finest.

Family photoshoots
Family photos come naturally after wedding photos, often with couples I have done wedding photography for. Wedding stories come full circle.

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