Abbey Farm weddings is where Tristan and Beka held their big day, a pineapple and jerk chicken filled fiesta! Bright by name and Bright by example, I had such fun shooting this wedding towards the end of last summer. Putting this blog post together has brought back so many memories and left me feeling all warm and fuzzy.

A wedding photographer’s dream, from Jamaica to Lincolnshire?!

From the get go, Beka rocked the theme with her pineapple pajamas. I think the only way she could have given it any more, would have been if she’d walked down the aisle fruit cocktail in hand! That said, every detail worked to perfection, including the cat. This little poser made an appearance just in time to pout in front of the brides dress.

This wedding was an emotional one for Beka’s reaction as she arrived at the church. It was one to cherish, as Tristen waited for her arrival with his best man. After the ceremony, the couple made their way back down the pineapple lined aisle and headed to Abbey Farm Weddings for the reception. Strewn with colour, the wedding venue was looking top notch for the guests and it was clear a lot of thought had gone into each aspect. The decorations complimented the characterful old, oak barn so well, and as the venues website promises, not a cobweb to be seen!

Abbey Farm Weddings

We were able to sneak into a gorgeous Lincolnshire corn field for the couples photos. Tristen and Beka were so relaxed and we had a giggle amongst the stalks. These are my favourite photos of the day as they really show how much they care for each other. Doesn’t Beka beam?

With romance in the air, the evening continued with a fantastic band. Unfortunately I didn’t catch their name, but they pulled off the best version of Mr Brightside I’ve ever heard for Mr and Mrs Bright! The couple even entertained their guests with a memorable surprise song in memory of Beka’s father. It was an honour to witness.

Flamingoes and pineapples

The guests danced into the night. Flamingoes paraded (blow up – less mess) but the real winners were the pineapples who had the last laugh, ending the night uneaten and pride of place.

Thank you for brightening my September and on a snowy February afternoon, Tristen and Beka. A wonderful wedding and a pleasure to photograph.

Love Abbey Farm weddings? Me too!

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