Where the photography all began

You most likely want to find out a little more about the wedding photographer you are interested in booking? I’m Aden, and wedding photography is my thing! I’ve been working as a professional wedding photographer and have been a self employed for over 12 years now. I’ve been a wedding photographer for 10 of those, but my wedding photography journey goes way back to my younger days. I just didn’t know it at the time!

Don't take life too seriously, enjoy it

The very first time I held a camera was at around the age of 10. My parents had always shown me family photos and I used to love looking through albums. The photos were simple, and shockingly bad! However, seeing my family walking through Yorkshire, my Dad building his farm and photos of me growing up, were about the natural moments, not the composition or focus. It was when I discovered a camera was the tool which captured these images, my brain starts firing away with so many different emotions. I wanted photography to be part of me.

My passion for wedding photography motivates me to deliver wedding photographs that you will be taking out for years to come.

This may be to reminisce on wedding anniversary’s, to show your growing family or even to remember the fun you had with the people you love. I want to be the person who captures those moments. Waking up every day knowing that’s what I do, is such an incredible and powerful feeling. I feel extremely honoured to be part of so many amazing wedding days and all of the behind the scenes fun they entail – this documentary wedding photographer gets all the fun! The day it’s no longer fun, is the day I stop.

My approach to creating these pieces of art, is a little different to the usual way people run a business. There is a common rule you should never treat clients as friends. I break this rule and believe every single client is a new friend in my life. I want it to be personal, as I want to take my time to understand who you are. Psychology plays a huge part in reading who is on the other side of the lens.  It’s this little touch of getting to know you beforehand, which will make your photographs so unique. It’s you, you are the key to emotive photographs whether you realise it or not.

Family man

My children changed my perspective when it comes to photographing a wedding.

Most wedding photographers talk about themselves and keep their personal life private. I believe with weddings – you are giving me chance to be part of an important moment of your lives, why shouldn’t I let you see a part of mine? I am so lucky to have my wonderful wife and in 2017 our first little man came into our lives, William.

Our second little person is Arthur, born in September 2020. What a year to bring a new baby into the world, but he brings us so much wonderful joy, just as his brother does. Plus, plenty more opportunities for photography!

Images that happen on a fleeting moment, photographed to preserve forever.
Lets have a chat and let me capture your wedding

William, and now Arthur’s arrival has given me a completely new perspective on weddings and photography in general. It’s so important to preserve the memories and moments. A wedding day is like a time capsule of two families becoming one. It’s doubtful you’ll ever have all of those people together ever again.

A photograph is a time capsule.

William brought with him huge changes to my life – the key thing was working out how my business works around my family time. In the end, this was easier than I thought. I’ve become even more of a night owl and manage most of my editing towards the later hours. During the day, if I’m not working at a wedding, engagement shoots, family photoshoots or editing, I spend it with these three beautiful people.

If you call, don’t be surprised to hear a little voice in the background declaring to the world that daddy’s talking on the phone again!

family photos that capturing the beauty of my sons smile

Wedding Experience. Quite literally

Wedding photography on my own wedding day. I've been there, I get it now.

On 27th October 2015, I married my bride Sam, at The Samling in the Lake District.

This finally gave me a moment of appreciation of what goes into planning a wedding, but also being on the other side of the camera. I went through the entire process of picking a wedding photographer – fortunately I knew exactly what I was looking for in wedding photography and booked Christopher Ian.

Chris is a long time friend, but also a second shooter I have used various times. It was only right for us to book him, as he covered everything we wanted for our own natural wedding photography and more.

On our wedding date, we were married at 11am on a Tuesday in October, in the library, with just us and our parents. Who said tiny, midweek, morning weddings in late Autumn aren’t awesome?

Lucky for us, it was an absolutely stunning blue sky Autumn day and we spent the afternoon sailing a yacht up and down Lake Windermere with close family members, and of course our photographers!

This caught our personality and day perfectly, from ceremony to sunset, plus made us feel comfortable. Believe it or not, neither of us are great in front of the camera, or being centre of attention, so our wedding was great fun and perfect for us.

We chose to have our portrait session the following day for two reasons - one, having fun on the day with our guests was really important to us - and two, capturing moments documentary style meant being unrushed.

On day two, it meant we could have a full relaxed day to play around and get creative at a location a good drive from where we staying.

We took a hike up Langdale Pike and spent time photographing at Blea Tarn in full wedding gear and wellies (brave, brave bride of mine!). The typical UK Lake District weather meant the change in footwear was necessary, as it rained non stop and we were soaked through for the pictures.

It was completely worth it for us however, as we were able to capture some very different wedding photographs to the wedding day before. We didn’t want to compromise on a single wedding day, so made it a two day wedding with photography playing a big part, after the togetherness.

Wedding photographer with experience as not only a photographer, but also a groom.

My experience showed me what was most important in a wedding as the groom, and how I as a wedding photographer can ensure this is achieved. When asked, I’ll often find myself offering tips about prioritising the more important aspects of a wedding day, based on what you’ve said to me.

I also place a big personal and creative emphasis on capturing full ranges of emotion and light throughout the day both natural and portrait. My wife still cries (happy – I hope!) when she looks through the photographs, as she is able to relive those feelings and moments as if it were yesterday.

Photographing weddings is the best job in the world, honest.

I’m lucky enough that I have the talent to promise to provide the best service, so can expect me to shoot details and portraits photography in the best, most relaxed way possible. You can access my pricing details here, and see a blog of an engagement shoot here. I only use a talented second photographer during your wedding day to photograph in my style, if you choose this package. Rest assured, I do everything to make your wedding day about you and meet your needs.

Once I've taken the wedding photos, the next thing to come are the reviews!

The best way to get a feel of how my photography works, is to read a collection of reviews that have been left on Google, Facebook and posted to me personally. If after the wedding you want to say thank you, truly, the best thig you can do is to leave me a review and let the world know about me! I love being tagged when you share you wedding photographs. It’s the best thank you I can wish for.

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