A wedding photographer's life

You are probably wanting to know a little more about me and a wedding photographer’s life?

Firstly, my name is Aden – nice to meet you! I’ve been working as a professional photographer for over 10 years now, but my hobby with cameras goes way back to my younger days.

The very first time I held a camera was at around the age of 10. My parents had always shown me family photos. Walking through Yorkshire, my Dad building his farm, me growing from the tiny baby that I was. It was when I discovered a camera was the tool which captured these images, my brain came to life with so many different emotions. I wanted to do this myself.


My passion for wedding photography, motivates me to deliver photographs you will be taking out for years to come to show your new family. I want to be the person who captures those moments. Waking up every day knowing that’s what I do, is such an incredible and powerful feeling, I feel extremely honoured.   


My approach to creating these pieces of art, is a little different to the usual way people run a business. There is a common rule you should never treat a client as a friend. I break this rule and believe every single client is a new friend in my life. I want it to be personal, as I want to take my time to understand who you are. Psychology plays a huge part in reading who is on the other side of the lens.  It’s this little touch of getting to know you beforehand, which will make your photographs so unique. It’s you, you are the key.

Lincolnshire wedding photographer Aden Priest sitting on a rock

"It's who you are, that's what makes a great photo."

Wedding experience, literally.

Away from photography, I have a beautiful lady in my life, she’s called Sam. We married in 2015 at The Samling in the Lake District. We chose to have a small wedding with just close family. Living a wedding on the other side of the lens gave me a whole new appreciation for photography. That’s a wedding photographer’s life for you – you never stop learning. Not only did I marry an incredible woman, I also took a step forward in the progression of my photography.

Image credit : Christopher Ian Photography

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