It’s in print! Rock n Roll Bride magazine March 2021

As any alternative wedding photographer, or wedding photographer, or photographer (!) will say, having their work printed is the ultimate goal. Now for me, seeing prints on peoples walls is one goal, but in this case, Dave and Amy’s wedding was featured in the internationally sold magazine and well known (and loved!) bridal blog of Rock n Roll Bride. Kat runs the blog the magazine and blog with an iron fist – she only chooses weddings which hit her brand and ethos 100%. Respect to that.

Alternative wedding photographer

Dave and Amy are friends of mine, in fact Dave is a photographer and has been my second shooter at past weddings. His specialism now runs elsewhere, in fact it’s had them emigrate all the way to LA! Amy is just a legend. Running a successful vintage blog for many years, her creative eye was the founding force behind the how and why their wedding was so full quirky details special to them both. Now she’s concentrating on her illustrations – go check out her Etsy shop here. At the wedding, each table was decorated with a bottle of their favourite tipples, including a hand designed and drawn image by Amy herself.

Secret to a top notch wedding?

What makes this wedding so special, and I’m guessing what appealed to Kat, is the funky and unique location (vintage fairground hello?!), alongside the detailing, and how much Dave and Amy took their wedding by the horns and did what THEY wanted. I’ve photographed hundreds of weddings and hope to be part of hundreds more, and every wedding bar none are awesome. But, what always stands out and makes those truly spectacular weddings are the ones where these secret ingredients are present:

1 – the couple love each other. I mean truly adore each other. Not in a gross way of being able to throw tongues around, but those tiny moments of understanding between them. That look, or the way they always know where the other one is. It’s like gravity.

2 – the couple make their day their own. This doesn’t mean throwing a big FU to anyone, but it does mean that you wear, do and celebrate how you want. Compromise is still important however, if you want your 95 year old gran there and choose a venue that she just can’t reach then you’ll have to compromise. But make that compromise yours and own it.

I’m so proud of this feature, my work has been recognised by a leader in the international wedding industry, but kudos has to go to Dave and Amy for creating their wedding day in such an appealing way. Check out some of the photos I delivered to them below and let me know what you think in the comments.


If you’re on the hunt for an alternative wedding photographer, or just a wedding photographer who knows their stuff, then drop me a message. Every wedding I shoot is amazing, as it’s about YOU. Check out Kerensa and Tom’s Lincolnshire wedding at Elsham Hall – mid Covid they changed their plans but made their day all about them.