Asylum Maverick Projects, Chapel

Asylum London wedding photography was one of the highlights of 2017. Travelling down to Claudia & Sarfraz’s wedding, was one of the longest drives I’ve ever done! Usually travelling to London would take me between 3-4 hours, but on this occasion it took over 7 hours due to traffic. However, this didn’t matter as I’d been organised, travelling down the night before. It was definitely worth the trip and I’m sure you’ll agree. Have a look at the images below, it’s a real treat!

Asylum London wedding photography

Asylum Maverick Projects is a fantastic London venue to hold a wedding ceremony. This place is an epic. During WW2 it was bombed quite heavily and has been preserved to retain this. It gives it the unique rustic style that a lot of couples desire Asylum London for their wedding photography. So much so that it is very lucky to get a free date there, due to the sheer amount of people that wish to get married at the Asylum London. I actually already knew a lot about it before Claudia and Saf got in touch. When I heard that this was where they were exchanging their vows I was over the moon. Some of my favourite photographers frequent this venue so walking in their shoes was a big undertaking for a Lincolnshire based wedding photographer.

My favourite part about the Asylum London wedding photography is the sheer amount of character. The whole place is a lot to take in when you first walk through those doors. I remember meeting Saf outside the front and it looks pretty polished. But when you walk through the double doors, you are hit with this incredible ceremony room lit by candle light and huge rear windows illuminating the chairs below. Saf was in his element among this. Waiting for Claudia to arrive you could see how happy he was. Wedding photography is easy when you’re given this gift.

Good friends, more weddings

The night before I was in good hands, as Claudia and Saf are very good friends with close friends of mine, Dave & Amy, so were able to stay with them the night before. They’re getting married in 2018 and I’m so excited to be shooting their wedding. We all made our way to the venue in the morning via Uber; for a Lincolnshire boy I was amazed at how efficient Uber actually is.

Brixton East 1871

After the ceremony and a few couple shots, Claudia and Saf set off over to Brixton East for the reception party. Brixton East is another very unique venue. An old warehouse set over two floors, next to the railway bridge. It complimented the Asylum’s quirkiness perfectly. The speeches and food were great. Have a look at the photos of this part of the day, but I warn you not to unless you’ve recently eaten as it looks so yummy!

However wonderful the day was so far, the fun ramped even further during the evening party. Claudia and Saf had set things up perfectly. It was also the first wedding I’ve attended so far where beer pong had been a major part of the entertainment! It was such a simple idea but it got everyone involved and made great wedding photography. I loved every minute of it and I was there photographing it. A fabulous day for a fabulous couple.

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