Samantha and Ben got in touch to book their autumn photoshoot with me, to capture natural family photos of them and their daughter Aurora. We chose Broughton Woods for the family photo shoot location, as it’s really quiet and meant we were able to have lots of fun without worrying about bumping into other people. Aurora loved running through the leaves, picking them up and testing her walking legs on new terrain.

Autumn photoshoot – beautiful family photography

I’ve known these two a long time and it was a great opportunity for family photography of their newest addition. Although autumn was very nearly over, we still managed to find a heap of autumnal colour too! We found a den that you could tell had taken a long time to build, it was really cool to imagine that families had been there before and left their happy legacies behind. In fact, a few weeks after this family shoot I took my own family there to add our sticks and moss walls onto it. My 3 year old thought it was awesome.

Family photographer Lincoln

We took our time to explore the area and capture all sorts of family pictures, both posed and natural in this photo shoot. The photos below are just a snapshot of the time we spent, and a small selection of stunning photos I delivered to this lovely lady and fantastic family.

Want to know more about a family photoshoot with me?

Family photography is something I’ve always done, but never something that I’ve advertised. 2020 being the year it was, showed me a few things:

1 – Family is THE most important thing. No ifs, no buts.

2 – Weddings are AWESOME, but, d’ya know what? Family photos mean the world, irregardless of them being take at an event such as a wedding, or not.

3 – I’ve done some BRILLIANT family pictures for people over the years, so need to start shouting about it.

4 – an autumn photoshoot is SO pretty. The colours are just wow!

Simply put, for a one off cost (£250), I’ll spend a chunk of time with you and the fam’, take a heap of pictures, edit them and deliver them all – like I would a wedding or couple shoot but as a family photographer. No extra charges, no limit on numbers and no stress. Just absolutely beautiful photographs. Drop me a message and let’s get it in the diary! If you want an autumn photoshoot


Want to find out more about my family photoshoot? Make sure you click here to follow the link to my family photography page and get in touch! If it is an autumn photoshoot you’re looking for, get a date in the diary!

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