Best weddings 2023

With so many moments during the year, I’m going to be honest. It’s the weirdest ones that stick with me!

With over 45 weddings photographed and traveling to all ends of the country, here’s the best weddings 2023. An incredible year! Since COVID things finally feel like they are back in full swing – starting the year in Lincoln and finishing the year in Goole, it’s been such a memorable one.

A mid wedding golf session

At Crab and Lobster they have a unique small 1 hole golf course, with Robin being a keen golfer, they brought a large bag of golf balls and had a mid wedding shooting range. This offered such a unique experience and full of so much laugher! It’s one of those moments you have to sit back and realise you are witnessing a a pretty unique wedding experience!

Little Wold sunset

We had some rainy weather in the morning, but at midday the sun came out. It made for a beautiful photo of Georgina and Jordan – and the car. This was one of those sunsets that stick in my head.

Cows and friendships

Katie and David celebrated their wedding on their family farm, it was so lovely being able to photograph their wedding! I’ve known for a while due to her work in the industry, doing wedding hair for previous brides. As a total DIY wedding, catching David doing farm jobs in the morning and photographing him getting ready in between was pretty cool. With the field backing right near the marquee, meant the cows came to the fence and were in the background. It gave it that authentic farm feel! This was also one of the wilder wedding evenings. One of the guests climbed up to the roof in the tent, by shuffling up the pole. Luckily no drunken guests were injured in the creation of this wedding, but it was amazing to be part of! Farmers really do know how to party.

Bunny Hill

I had quite a few weddings at Bunny Hill this year and each and every one of them completely unique and incredible.  First of the year was our neighbours, Megan and George. As friends before the wedding, it was great to hang out with such a large group of people I knew. Best of all, my wife was invited too! (Not that I saw her all that much!) Holly and Chris’ was a wedding full of happiness – these two smiled non stop for the entire day with the most infectious smiles. Then Caz and Mark’s wedding day came along. On their  engagement shoot Caz gave Mark a piggy back in the corn field. It was a hilarious shoot but also brought me out in the biggest rash ever (hayfever!). On their wedding day, they completely matched this energy, minus the rash haha!

Epic rain

At Charlotte and James’ wedding I arrived at the churchyard just after leaving Charlotte back at Saltmarshe Hall to capture her arrival. The very moment I arrived, the heavens opened and the rain that came down was unlike anything I had seen before. Think monsoon. My camera can normally stand up to a bit of wet, but it was honestly so heavy the guttering on the side of the village hall gave way. Even hiding under an umbrella was offering no protection, due to the rain bouncing back up off the pavement! This ended up delaying their ceremony a short while. Now, they say rain is good luck on your wedding day, so these two had incredible amounts of luck! I ended up photographing their ceremony drenched through with the camera steaming up. Not that you’d notice in the photos!

So, I really did get to experience the best weddings in 2023! The photos below aren’t necessarily the whizz banging ones, but ones that make me smile or have their own little story attached. Enjoy!


There we go – the best weddings 2023! I’ve had an amazing time looking back, but of course, I can’t wait to see what 2024 brings!