This is the second time I have done a family photoshoot for Maria. The first bump shoot was when she was pregnant with the little girl, who now features with her in these images as big sister! Kids grow so quickly and so finding a couple of hours of time to get out somewhere pretty and capture those times, is a really precious thing.

Bump photography

It’s always a real honour when people come back to me for different types of photography, after their wedding photos. I also took Maria’s wedding photos years ago and still see them both at their friends and families weddings too. Generally, wedding photography is a one off sort of thing, but increasingly I am being asked to do family shoots, for the little families the grow from these amazing wedding days.

As Maria wore a long, floaty dress, it meant the bump photography was easy, as she was able to make a feature of ‘bump’ using her arms and her profile, but also perfect for some mum and daughter pictures where bump wasn’t the focus.

Scawby, Lincolnshire

We have such hidden gems on our doorsteps, and I know people have begun to discover more of their local area over the past year or so. The fields around Scawby are one of those sorts of places. You’d never know it was there, unless you know, and there’s some really gorgeous, and random little places to discover. It was perfect for this family shoot as it was a gorgeous day and pretty quiet!

When it comes to my family photoshoots, there’s no right or wrong about it. Family is made up in all sorts of different ways. On this day, dad was camera shy and working, but Maria wanted these images of her and two babies, so good on her for getting out there.



If you would like me to do a family shoot, or bump photography for you and your growing family, just get in touch. Check out my family photoshoot page here for all the details.