Let me first start by saying, Bunny Hill weddings are awesome and Kate and Peter’s was most definitely that! It may have been held in the winter months (January to be precise) but it was EPIC and I can’t help but feel January weddings should get better press. The perfect swishy dress, hilarious guests, a gorgeous wedding venue and even a perfect winter sunset – everything fit together just right! Their wedding had been delayed ‘cos of that covid thing and if I was to say that everyone had been prepping and gearing themselves up for it, then the images below represent some of the carnage that happened. It was off the wall brilliant! I’ve photographed hundreds of weddings now and the guests are always pretty happy and have fun, this…. was wow!

Bunny Hill weddings

Bunny HIll farm at North Cliffe, is one of the premium wedding venues York and up there with all barn weddings in the north east. It hit the scene and hasn’t stopped running since. It somehow manages to capture both the rustic wedding barn look and the chic modern industrial style, depending on how the couple choose to dress it, and which angle you’re looking at it from! So much meticulous detail has been taken to ensure that there’s space for all your guests and all of their needs. As farm wedding venues go, think more chic and less cow poo. Comfy chairs and sofas in the bar area, gorgeous landscaped gardens and even a self contained house that will fit so many of your guests

So, I can’t misinform, it did rain at times and it wasn’t tropical heat, but no one had expected that. We were able to use umbrellas and capture a few more indoor couple photos, but rain on your wedding day doesn’t have to mean anything bad. With the appearance of The Undercover Waiters during the wedding breakfast the heat was turned up and no one wanted to be anywhere but inside. The energy and arm raising was a workout in itself and just pure joy to watch.

Winter wedding (but you won’t believe me!)

So when you’re looking for a wedding photographer for your Bunny Hill wedding give me a shout. I have to apologise in advance though – Kate and Peter have almost 1300 images that I delivered, to try and choose which they want to print or put in an album. Tough job, but hopefully one that they were excited about!

Final disclaimer – watch out for the dance moves and as for the cake cutting – no cake or tongues were lost in it’s cutting….


If you’re looking for a wedding venue in the north east, then do check out Bunny Hill York for your wedding day. Bunny Hill weddings are just legendary, and can offer everything you could possibly need. With so many country wedding venues near me, I have lots to recommend to you, one of my favourites is Saltmarshe Hall near Hull. Check out this blog to see more of what a different wedding venue in Yorkshire can accommodate you and your loved ones.