Georgia and Dan held their beautiful Wootton Hall wedding earlier this summer. With the weather being perfect, they were able to have the outdoor ceremony for their wedding they had imagined. With the stunning weeping willow tree as their backdrop, and the stunning country house behind them, it was a truly spectacular setting for a wedding.

A stunning outdoor ceremony

A Wootton Hall wedding was the new Lincolnshire venue on the block for 2022. So much care and attention has been taken with all of the details! Wootton Hall provides so many opportunities for photography and the perfect flow for the couple and guests. Everything has been thought about it. Plus, the food is incredible! You wouldn’t guess it was mass produced to meet the needs of all your guests as each and every plate is so carefully thought out, delicious and perfectly set. Just check out the photos! With the huge double fronted Georgian manor house, and then the very much industrialised, modern yet rustic barn. All of the spaces are used in so many different ways, with different feels to them.

Wedding day golf

In the morning, Georgia got ready in the main house. With beautiful decor and plenty of room, it was such a chilled time. A huge bonus for couples (and one I’ve heard from couples who have booked Wootton Hall and me as their photographer!) is that they have their own Wootton Hall golf course! Dan loved the idea of being able to get a private round of golf in with his best men, on the morning of his wedding. As they’d booked two photographers for their wedding, this meant my second shooter, was able to get some truly unique photos of the gents entertaining themselves in the grounds.

Of course, the party was on!

On the evening, everyone let their hair down and partied on! It will never get old watching a full wedding party, with a few cheeky beers in them, jumping around to some great music. Fuelled by wood fired pizzas everyone was bouncing. As a wedding photographer who stays late into the evening to capture all of this, I was ecstatic to see everyone.

Georgia and Dan made the absolute most of all the opportunities available to them with this wedding venue. Wootton Hall looked stunning, Georgia of course dazzled and all the small touches came together. They created such a classically stunning and luxurious wedding. A huge congratulations to you both, thank you for letting me photograph your Wootton Hall wedding this summer!

I just adore Wootton Hall and most definitely love this very first Wootton Hall wedding I photographed. It’s such a refreshing change when a new wedding venue hits the scene, especially if it allows and outdoor ceremony. Of course, at the other end of North Lincolnshire, the gorgeous East Yorkshire Barns is a stunner (check out this blog). I will always love photos further afield at the Yorkshire Wedding Barn (check out this blog) – these two hold stunning renovated barn weddings. But, for those gorgeous country houses, Hirst Priory, Saltmarshe Hall, Cleatham Hall and Hemswell Court will always be favourites.

Wootton Hall Lincolnshire Wedding Venue

Wootton Hall, Lincolnshire Wedding Venue

Wootton Hall is a new Lincolnshire wedding venue that offers a wedding barn as well as the country house. It has a dedicated space to enjoy your meal and dance floor.
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