Laura and Robin had such a lovely day and chose me as their Crab and Lobster wedding photographer! Wahoo! A day full of laughter, marriage and GOLF! I’m not talking about small miniature golf garden games either, but a 1 hole golf course. Crab and Lobster is a venue hidden away in Yorkshire, something that can be described perfectly as a hidden gem for a wedding. There are so many little hideaways to explore and unique features – there’s so much to discover. Everywhere I turned, there were quirky features on the walls, shelves, and even in the rafters!

As a wedding photographer it’s a dream to work at a venue like this, personally it’s among my list of favourite venues.

Crab and Lobster – stylish and Unique, a place with so much to discover

With Robin and his friends being huge golf fans, Crab and Lobster had a huge selling point for them with the 1 hole golf course. What makes the day more perfect than a midday golf game with drinks?! I assure you no one was hurt, but there may have been a few near misses!

When it came to couples photos at the venue, there was no shortage of opportunities. Crab and Lobster has a group of gardeners maintaining the gardens to a high standard and this means you turn every corner and there’s a totally different opportunity. It really makes the place feel intimate having a walk through the gardens. It’s like you are in your own secret garden. The pathway leads up from the restaurant to Crab Manor up at the top. There is a range of accommodation options with the Crab Manor as the main house, but Laura chose to stay in one of the little themed rooms – or cabins – spread out in the garden.

Themed rooms for bridal preparations

Laura and her bridesmaids stayed in the Montauk Beach house, which was set around the back to where the wedding ceremony was taking place, meaning they could stay hidden away from the main guests. There is a range of rooms with so many different themes, with Shangri-La being the largest.

Laura chose an elegant champagne coloured dress, which looked stunning set among the grounds at Crab and Lobster. Walking down the aisle to see Robin, her face had one of the biggest smiles – in fact she never stopped smiling the entire day. Moments like those and people this happy, are why I do this job and continue to love it. It was an absolute pleasure capturing their day!

Crab and Lobster wedding photography

The venue based in North Yorkshire, put on a mixed spread of canapés and BBQ food. It’s not often you get to experience a BBQ as high quality as Crab and Lobster serve. The guests really were in for a treat on such a beautiful late spring day.


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