Yorkshire Dales wedding photography

It was such a pleasure to shoot the Yorkshire Dales wedding photography for Natalie and Duncan. Traveling from Lincolnshire I photographed this wedding towards the end of 2016. The Craigmar is a unique looking venue very much like a French chateau, perfect for an intimate wedding. The whole style of the Craigmar has an extremely elegant feel to it. Unfortunately the Craigmar no longer takes on weddings, however the Devonshire Arms nearby is another fantastic venue.

Intimate weddings at The Devonshire Fell

The couple chose to only invite a small group of people for their wedding, keeping everything very personal and special to them. The perfect amount of people to explore the full potential for photographs. My favourite part of the day was using the lower gardens for the full group photo and having the accessibility to stand above the little grotto to get almost a birdseye photo of everyone down below. Not many venues offer the chance to do this. With the beautiful landscaped gardens we took the time after the ceremony to get some photos away from the guests.

Yorkshire Moors photography

We had pre-scouted the venue a few weeks before the wedding. Natalie and Duncan had highlighted a few areas they were interested in for their wedding photographs. The venue was located very close to where Natalie had grown up, with the River Wharf running very close to her family farm. One of the best stories Natalie told me while we were exploring, was story of the hot summers days when she and her sister would ride in a little dingy boat down the river. This is something I really want to go back and try myself.

Another advantage of this venue was the local potential for photographs if you fancied something different to the gardens. Just 10 minutes drive and we were deep in the moors. While traveling from the Craigmar to The Devonshire Fell’s we stopped off at the Moors, just past Barden. The heather made for some epic wedding photographs.

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