Questions covered this this page :
  1. How would you best describe your style?
  2. Do I really need a second photographer?
  3. Do you have insurance?
  4. Do you carry backup equipment?
  5. In the event of bad weather do you have a backup plan?
  6. Can we meet you before booking?
  7.  Are our wedding photos backed up after the wedding?
  8. How long will it take you to deliver our photos?
  9. Do we have to feed you on our wedding day?
  10. Do you take group photos?
  11. Where are you based? Do you travel?
  12. Can we see full wedding galleries?

In over 12 years of being a wedding photographer, I have come across many questions from brides and grooms. I wanted to create a page, where the most common questions are answered – this way you can have a scan through and answer any burning questions that might be relevant to you.

If there are any questions you feel haven’t been answered here, as always, just send me an email and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

1. How would you best describe your style?

The best way to describe my style would be relaxed and documentary full of colour and light. I try to be as unobtrusive as possible on your wedding day, but if I feel you might need a little direction (maybe during the portraits), I am not scared to jump in and make suggestions. As a wedding photographer I completely understand you only get this experience once! I have a relaxed friendly approach, always aiming to blend in like I’m a part of the wedding (I like to dance!). The most common question I get from guests is, “Have you been friends with the couple for quite a while?” which is usually confirmation I’m doing my job right!

Weddings should be relaxed and full of fun!

2. Do I need a second photographer?

Having a second photographer isn’t an absolute must, but it helps in so many different ways.

One main advantage, is that in the morning, you can see what the other half was doing during the prep time. This is great when looking back at your photos – more than commonly enough you notice that were both doing similar things, at the same time by habit as a couple! It always makes me laugh when couples tell me this when they receive their wedding gallery. Throughout the day, the second photographer can cover extra angles, such as when you are both walking down the aisle, or those extra candid moments that are away from where I am, or you are. They’re an extra set of eyes, and really come into their own when you have a large wedding with over 50 guests.

3. Do you have insurance?

Simple answer = absolutely yes I have, with indemnity insurance!

A wedding photographer without insurance aren’t really running a business, and whilst I treat my business and clients as friends, protecting myself and everyone else is essential.

I have two types of insurance, one being with the typical insurer that covers any business. This covers legal aspect for myself and the couple, but also liability insurance, which a lot of venues require. As I work a lot in exclusive and larger venues, I do have a larger policy to cover. At request of the venue, I can supply the certificate if necessary.

On top of this, not exactly an insurance by definition, but I do see it as an excellent addition. I have the top level Canon CPS cover, which covers loan gear and expedited repairs. This means if I’m without a camera for example, due to an accident, Canon will loan me the necessary gear in the meantime to cover the jobs I need it for, and they will give me a 2 day turn around on repairs.

This means there is no excuse when it comes to your wedding date, I’m covered. Having this in place has ensured smooth operation of my business and has proved absolutely invaluable over the years. Having this security in place, allows me to concentrate on the fun stuff of the photography!

4. Do you carry backup equipment?

One key thing a wedding photographer should have is backup equipment! I carry 2 cameras on me at all times, these are not in my bag but around my waist on my camera straps. The reason for this is because camera breakages / failures happen more than you think. By having 2 cameras, I always have that extra camera body ready to capture any moment that happens in front of me. In my bag, I also have multiple lenses and flash equipment for different scenarios. Not many people realise you have to adjust to the weather conditions and backup gear is an important part of being prepared for mother nature taking her moment on your wedding day.

One last thing – as a client you may not understand about the recording process of a camera. We record to a memory card and these can often fail – don’t worry as I shoot to two memory cards. This way if one fails there is a backup being recorded independently. This is an absolute requirement, as all photographers often have 1-2 card failures a year!

frequently asked questions you might need to ask when looking for someone to photograph your wedding
As a wedding photographer a documentary style is important on your wedding day
with wedding photography, drinks reception details are important, also lighting conditions in black and white

5. In the event of bad weather do you have a backup plan?

I always prepared for every scenario. On the build up to your wedding, I will be looking at long term and short term forecasts. Depending on the weather, I will always discuss options at the pre-wedding meeting or a phone call for each eventuality. I always say – prepare for bad weather, then at least you won’t be disappointed. Depending on the venue, I might reach out to the venue and discuss things – this might be that there is a room suitable for group shots, but when it comes to couples photo of just you two together on the day, there is so much we can do.

You will be surprised how many photos you can get in such a small area, it’s all about getting creative, which is a passion of mine. Some wedding venues we might use the bridal suite or any other sheltered space on the worst case rainy days, we can find. I do also keep a

A little story to share – when the Beast from the East hit in 2018, there was an epic snow storm at the end of the night that the bride and groom wanted to capture. I asked the kitchen If they had cling film and I covered all my gear to be extra sure with waterproofing, and we jumped right into the middle of the storm, getting some incredible photos! ‘Bad’ weather does not mean bad photos, just different to what you have in your head. Honestly, my favourite photos are the unique ones that happen in the moment.

6. Can we meet you before booking?

During the initial booking phase I recommend meeting via Skype / Facetime with each other. Pre-covid I would do face to face meetings, but with logistics it proved difficult to fit the time in for both client and myself. During the covid years, the focus of video calling offered a unique opportunity where nearly everyone can now can meet via video. This was a small win for my workflow, as it meant that during this summer, in the busiest year of my career,   I was able to complete 2-3 weddings a week, meet with all of the summer couples and new couples, whilst editing and delivering weddings within days. This means everyone’s needs are met!

Of course, if you were desperate to meet face to face this can arranged. Including the engagement shoot as part of your package, is the perfect opportunity to meet and to also capture some relaxed photos at a location of your choice.

A few weeks before your wedding, I will organise another meeting to run through the schedule on the day and hear exactly how you wish your day to flow. From booking to the wedding itself, a lot can change, so it’s perfect chance to catch and find out where and when I will need to be in the morning of your wedding!

I’m always around in between these times, but in busy times you may need to bear with me.

7. Are our wedding photos backed up after the wedding?

I back everything up in 3 places and also fully encrypted to cover the data from hacks/breaches. I respect my clients full privacy and in the digital world security is key. I have had clients over the years, in very high profile jobs and its my job to ensure their privacy is fully protected. Not every wedding I photograph is shared on my socials or website. Just let me know if this is the case.

I also keep RAW’s for 3 years and then delete the culled images. The JPEGs and selected RAW’s from the final delivery is then archived into its final stage. If you do lose your wedding photos, I have them backed up. There is no cost within the 3 years to re-upload your gallery, but after 3 years there will be a £50 cost and this includes a new USB.

When you receive your gallery and USB I thoroughly recommend saving them in as many locations as you can. No technology is 100% guaranteed, or guaranteed to still be accessible in 50 years time.

8. How long will it take you to deliver our photos?

I always love to ensure a nice speedy delivery, after all I can appreciate how excited you must be to see your photos. I don’t set a solid deadline, but the longest will be 4 weeks, if it will be longer I will reach out and let you know. This is extremely rare, such as the 5 weeks it took me to deliver some September wedding images (after an incredibly busy summer) when my son was born. The quickest I’ve had wedding photographs back to the couple was within days! These timeframes are affected by peak or off-peak season. November through to March is considered off-peak – everything else is peak wedding season. If there is a particular reason why you need your photos back quicker, please discuss this.

Previews, blog post or sneak peaks are dependant on my time availability. I share these on my Facebook page, and then use these over on my Instagram through the year. Getting a wedding from memory card to Facebook, is a long process, but can range from the next day to the delivery of your gallery.

9. Do we have to feed you on our wedding day?

This is a common question. I do love if a couple can provide a meal, as being on my feet from sometimes 7am until 11pm onwards is quite intense, having chance to sit down and eat a warm meal helps those creative pistons in the brain work. Reasoning behind asking in advance, if I ask on the day sometimes venues don’t have time to prepare and need to know in advance. In the event food cannot be provided, I usually take an hour out and take a drive to find somewhere. If your venue is in the middle of nowhere this can be longer and so why keeping me fed and on site is usually a better option.

10. Do you take group photos?

I do, and on request I don’t have to! I always ensure to keep this time to a minimum, as guests can often get frustrated it’s taking too long. No one wants to stand around all afternoon, including the two of you and me! I have a very simple and unique way of approaching this, which I don’t mind discussing during a meeting, that means you get what you want in as quick a time frame as possible. 

11. Where are you based? Do you travel?

I’m based in Lincolnshire, but I travel all over the world. The furthest weddings I have photographed were in Australia, USA, Croatia, France, Bulgaria and others. Most commonly I work all in the UK, from all ends of the country. Travel costs are covered in the packages, but any weddings further than 2 hours from DN17 will require accommodation – this will be discussed in the initial meeting.

wedding photography is important and having a second shooter can help when capturing the wedding party in full

with a small booking fee get in touch to book me for wedding photography

12. Can we see full wedding galleries?

I feel this is hugely important when deciding to book wedding photographers – so the answer is yes, absolutely. I have a private client section I can give you access to and logins that couples have allowed me to provide. You can see exactly what type of images you may receive, as no wedding is ever the same. This is especially helpful if its your wedding venue as you can get inspiration on what to expect on your wedding day. Although, I always challenge myself to find new ways to capture a wedding, even if it is a venue I have photographed lots of times before.

Make sure to ask me for some links!

Quick Fire Questions

Do you have my date available?

Follow this link, fill out the form and I will get back to you asap.

Do you offer engagement shoots?

Yes, they cost £200 and include all edited images. There are travel /accommodation costs if the shoot is further than 1hr from DN17.

These are the same as my family shoots (£250 when not added onto a package). They’re the perfect opportunity to get to know me and get rid of any pre wedding camera jitters, and a chance to capture some gorgeous images in a different season or location.

I’m very flexible with these and can include your pet, children, up a mountain, in a lake on a high wire course… Let your imagination go wild!

Can we share the photo gallery with guests?

Of course you can, I love the fact that people share – that’s what photography is all about. Feel free to send them the download code too. All I ask is if they use images online or on social media that they tag me. I love to see which images people love!

When do you need final payment?

Final payment can be made at any point you wish, up until 1 week before the wedding, and the bank details are on my contract. Once you pay, let me know and I will make it off in the system.

Do you have any reviews from previous clients?

Yep! Find them at the following link  But also check out Facebook and Google reviews too. With so many couple leaving kind words, these will be the most up to date.

How much are your deposits?

Deposits are to retain the date for all wedding packages and are £400. This covers admin costs incurred reserving the date. Family shoots and couples shoots are £50 deposit to hold the date.

Do you do custom packages?

I always say to reach out via my contact form and be as detailed as possible. I can always tailor make a package to your requirements.

How many weddings do you shoot per year?

I generally have 40-55 weddings per year, which keeps me busy but not unmanageable. Every wedding gets my full attention and the way I have my workflow set, means this is right for me.

One photo people like in their wedding albums are cake cutting photos and shoe details
I always include photographs of the speeches and wedding reception in the wedding album
To capture professional wedding photographs as I would say you dont need a site visit
I stay way after the first dance and sometimes appear in front of the camera

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