Beckie and Michael managed to slice a couple of hours into their busy pre wedding schedule, for their couples photoshoot ahead of their Saltmarshe Hall wedding in Yorkshire this weekend! Living in Hing Kong, they’d only been in the country a few days, and so had a million and one wedmin jobs to do! It’s an honour, that they valued this photo session in their busy week. I’m so pleased they did. The whole experience in the great outdoors was brilliant!

A couple photoshoot

We had originally planned to meet in York for a city photo shoot, but the weather was looking a bit wet. We fell back on their own ideas, of meeting at the location of a piece of land Beckie’s dad owns. It’s always really helpful to have a range of backgrounds for height and colour for your pictures, and this delivered in spades! Who needs a photo studio, when there’s a million beautiful photos to capture using a picnic blanket and a lovely, ridiculously beautiful smiley couple?!

Drone photos

This is the first time my drone is making an appearance on my website or social media. The technology has come on so much since I made my own about 10 years ago. That was huge and with no camera attached. The whole experience for me is so simple as long as the weather and air space allow. It made the photoshoot experience lots of fun, adding an extra dimension to their images. I’ll be doing this a lot more at weddings and in engagement photos from now on, when the conditions allow.


Professional photographer couple photography poses

In couples photography, it’s very rare I’m shooting photos with professional models – even thought the pros do sometimes get married! My photography style is very natural and all about catching those beautiful moments, candid moments of romance between you and your partner. How often in life do you have the chance to create portraits of your relationship in a dedication session?


Couple photographer

One of the main questions I’m asked when people want couple photos, for their engagement or just because, is which locations and what outfits. The simple answer is feel free to do whatever you choose! You always have to ask yourself, where would you both feel comfortable – in a busy city, or in a quiet park? I take photographs in all locations, but to create the best images, is a relaxed session. Often engagement photography is more about relaxing you both around the camera before your big day. So, if you have an image in mind, work back from there. Check out my other couple photography and take your favourite bits from them. There are multiple photos that make up one set of portraits and so many ideas that can come from that day.


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