Outdoor ceremony, elegant period rooms, secret vaults - offering it all for weddings.

Hirst Priory is a stunning wedding venue, offering so many options for all of the different parts of your day. It’s easy to see why it’s a popular choice. Even if you know someone else who had their wedding held here, your guests can be treated to an amazing and unique day. I’m so lucky to spend time photographing at weddings at the beautiful Hirst Priory. I can confidently say, it is the perfect place on the edge of Yorkshire to photograph for weddings year round.

super cool wedding venue with magical moments in the vault
natural unposed moments in the gardens at hirst priory
heartfelt emotion in this woodland ceremony with the awesome hazel wheatley

taking pretty pictures on your big day at hirst priory is easy when they are your close friend

Top 5 things about Hirst Priory

  1. So many ceremony options! In the house, in a tipi, in the vaults, in the woodland.
  2. Did I mention outdoor wedding ceremony? This needs a mention of it's own. A gorgeous spot between the trees.
  3. Perfect rooms for bridal prep in the morning. Bright and welcoming with plenty of space for everyone.
  4. Enough rooms for the main bridal party to stay over. No late night taxis!
  5. A fantastic team headed up by the powerhouse that is Hazel.

Aden went above and beyond by testing out ditches, to holding leaves to get perfect shot to using his own jacket to sit on and he will only go home once you tell him and very late into the night

Mr. & Mrs. Aung, 2021

Being local means I know all the secret spots for photograph's whatever the season.

I’ve been photographing weddings for many years, and shot my first Hirst Priory wedding ceremony when Hazel first began renovating the priory. You could see there was so much potential at Hirst Priory, and in a few short years it has been transformed into a stunning and bright wedding venue.

In a location so full of history, Hirst Priory is a wedding venue with a story, that every wedding day adds to. The images that can be captured for any Hirst Priory wedding photographer are endless, and the challenge lies in deciding which part of the house or venue grounds to head on the site. I hear so many positive things from couples and guests who visit this far edge of Yorkshire.

hirst priory wedding photography offers two photographers scunthorpe for pretty pictures

Visit Hirst Priory website and enquire about your wedding

As a Hirst Priory wedding photographer I always hear brilliant comments about weddings at this Yorkshire venue

Hirst Priory Wedding Photographer

Perfect backdrop for photo opportunities on your wedding day.

Every Hirst Priory wedding photographer, loves the main entrance for photos. It’s just one of those spots that has become a focal point. I can take timeless, natural shots of you and your family throughout Hirst Priory that will capture the fun of your wedding, but also the stunning photos you would expect.

As a Hirst Priory wedding photographer I always hear brilliant comments about weddings at this Yorkshire venue
Natural Hirst Priory wedding photographer

Relaxed contemporary style, designed to match perfectly with your personal touches.

With a manor house wedding style, the rooms are all decorated to the highest quality and create a relaxed atmosphere. Exactly what you need for the night before your wedding. The morning of your wedding creates so many special moments, from capturing all of the make up and hair photos, to first looks with bridesmaids, family, or dad. The light in the rooms are bright and perfect for wedding photography.

wedding photography at hirst priory is easy this wedding venue offers period themed rooms
hirst priory wedding photographer will have no issues when it comes to this beautiful location
getting ready photos you want the room evenly lit giving great light having a wedding at hirst priory has plenty of magical moments for natural unposed moments
wedding photography should capture your whole day, like these evening photographs
the grounds offer beautiful atmosphere all year round, just like alex and his groomsmen enjoying a moment here
Hirst priory wedding photographer moments are spread out among the house and gardens, just what you would expect from a priory wedding
Photographing Hirst Priory weddings is a dream. I'd love to hear your plans
wedding photography should focus on the couple, just like this super cool wedding venue offers

Outdoor Tipi Wedding Venue

You can also have an outdoor tipi wedding, which is divine for wedding photography and perfect in the summer. It allows you wedding, wedding breakfast and evening reception to happen all in one place. You get the luxury of Hirst Priory wedding photography, but with the added opportunities to be as DIY as you want. It’s definitely worth a visit.

get your dance shoes on and enjoy natural unposed moments at a hirst priory wedding

Lauren and Richard, Outdoor Ceremony

As Lauren and Richard’s wedding photographer, we spent the morning of the wedding at Hirst Priory, whilst my second photographer was with the groom at home. They were married in an outdoor ceremony in the woodland next to the venue. Their first dance as a married couple was pretty awesome, as was the party! Have a look at their blog post to see more.

Ceremony in the woodland

Wedding in the vaults - Miles & Abbie

Abbie and Mile’s wedding was a small vaults hirst priory wedding, held in what would be the basement or wine cellar. Their wedding photography was so intimate, with an amazing candlelit ceremony. It was an honour to be part of. They had their speeches and confetti in the hall with a brightly lit Christmas tree to match the season. Abbie’s bouquet was truly stunning, with one particular photo of her blowing up my Instagram.

Small wedding

Charlotte & Andrew - Summer wedding

Charlotte and Andrew’s beautiful wedding ceremony was also at Hirst Priory wedding venue, with the rest of their day held elsewhere. It was a fun and relaxed day as Charlotte was 9 months pregnant, but this didn’t matter to her energy levels!

Summer wedding

Couples photos in the vaults - Julia & Alex

As Julia and Alex’s Hirst Priory wedding photographer, they made Hirst Priory wedding their own for their day. Wedding photography was a key part of their day (the dream phrase of any wedding photographer). They used the venue for their ceremony and photos with guests.

Into the vaults

Time to party - I stay way past the first dance!

My unique feature as a wedding photographer, is that I stay until the end of the night as standard. Most photographers leave after the first dance, but in my opinion after this when the mood of your day changes again. This absolutely should be covered! I get on the dance floor and have a wander outside and catch everyone letting their hair down. It’s such a privilege to have the opportunity to see out a full wedding day with you both!

Capturing epic moments of the couple
on the wedding day first dance moments are the best at hirst priory
hirst priory wedding photography dancefloor photos with alex
hirst priory weddings are full of crazy fun, like this groom on the dancefloor
beautiful evening reception at hirst priory
two photographers will offer brilliant photography at hirst photography especially on the evening
time goes by quickly when you are having fun at hirst priory
hirst priory wedding photographer will capture those intimate moments

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