Laceby Manor Golf Club Lincolnshire

Last summer, Laceby Manor Golf Club Lincolnshire was the setting for the outdoor wedding of Ellie and Stephanie. Set in the Lincolnshire countryside, Laceby Manor has everything you could need for a wedding. A beautiful location with pristine gardens, options for your ceremony, places to stay and of course golf buggies to get you to the alter on time. On the day, it couldn’t have been better weather for this intimate ceremony set next to the golf course. I just loved how the chairs were set in a circle focussing on the brides under the pagoda in the centre.

Beautiful brides

Ellie and Stephanie both wore wedding dresses, which actually ended up similar in style. Each dress had different detailing, so perfectly matching each other, but subtly different. This wedding was my first with dual bride preparation, double bridal reactions, a pair of bridal flower bouquets and two sets of father of the bride shots!

A moment alone

For the couple photographs, we took a short time away from the guests in order to capture some of my favourite portrait photos of the year. For those of you who follow my Facebook page, you may recognise one of the photos below as the profile photo. A nearby cornfield was in full glory and provided the perfect backdrop for these. Here in Lincolnshire we’re lucky that these are a regular feature in the countryside. With the warmth of the sunlight and the connection between Ellie and Stephanie these joyful moments were captured.

Once we returned, the party could truly crank into full swing. With a romantic first dance, the dance floor could then fill out. If you look carefully you’ll be able to spot me in there too!

Before the night was over, they made use of the pond at Laceby Manor Golf Club to release floating lanterns. This atmospheric finale to the evening was the perfect end to a perfect day.

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