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I’ve been a Lincolnshire wedding photographer for around 8 years, over the years this has taken me to many venues and met lots of incredible suppliers. I offer wedding photography packages that are unique to every single client – I tell your wedding story how it should be told. To ensure this relaxed natural approach I have removed all time limits from my package, simply meaning you can enjoy your day and have fun. This means I am there from early morning until late in the evening – way past the first dance.

People often ask me, why do you photograph weddings? The answer is simple, I truly love what I do! I get to witness special moments in a couples’s life and best of all, I get the opportunity to document this happening. I often take a few moments on a wedding day and sit back to take it all in and get that overview. I’m incredibly lucky to be a wedding photographer, it’s the best job in the world. Every single couple and wedding is completely unique – this means no wedding or day is ever the same. How many people get to say they experience something new every single day in their job? Being a photographer in Lincolnshire there are so many different venues and this just adds to the experience.

Thank you so much for all your hard work – our photographs are stunning and exactly what we wanted!

Julia & Alex, Hirst Priory

In the heart of Lincolnshire

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When looking for a wedding photography quote you want to get a price as soon as possible. I make this journey easier for you by offering a quick quote choice. Simply fill out the box to the right and I will get back to you right away. Sometimes this can be within the hour – get a fast quote now for your wedding. Of course, if you want to tell me more detail, send me an email!


    As a Lincolnshire wedding photographer I feel my blog is the best way to showcase my work.  I feel a personal attachment to every single wedding I photograph, so take your time and have a read through these wonderful wedding stories and see them unfold through the images. I’m constantly adding new blog posts. I come back to weddings throughout the quieter months that occurred during the busier summer periods. This doesn’t make them any less special, in fact, it can be a huge compliment as they’re still resonating with me months after the wedding day.

    Featured Post

    Erin & Matthew at Elsham Hall

    Erin and Matthew live not too far from Elsham Hall. With family members travelling from all over, it was the perfect venue to offer a countryside setting, with the opportunity to put their own unique touch to it. Check out the evening photos – some of my most popular Instagram posts of the year!

    Did you know the famous apple tree that Isaac Newton was inspired to create the theory of gravity is located at Woolsthorpe Manor, Grantham in Lincolnshire? – Source: Wikipedia Lincolnshire

    How many people can say they have attended, never mind photographed over 300 weddings? As a Lincolnshire wedding photographer who travels all over the world, not all are in Lincolnshire, but you will find a large amount are.


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    Relaxed & Natural

    I take my time getting to know you before your wedding, I don’t want to treat this like a business relationship but instead a friendship. I highly recommend reading through my reviews to hear what my previous clients say. The most common comment I get from clients and guests is that, “I can’t believe you didn’t know us [them] before!” This approach goes back to before I was a photographer, I was that kid running around at the park that managed to make friends with everyone – who knew this talent would come in so useful!

    Your Wedding Story

    The best way to tell your story is to adopt a documentary approach, this means how your photos turn out is entirely dictated by your personality and the events of the day. By having this method it means that no wedding is ever the same even if some of the guest are the same! So no worries for carbon copies wedding photos. I like to have fun and get involved – you are more than likely going to find me joining in on the dance floor or persuading guests it’s a great idea to pull off those crazy moves.

    Recommended Venues & Suppliers

    I have put together the perfect list of venues and also included pins on the map to their exact locations. This handy guide should help make your wedding planning journey a lot easier.

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    Favourite wedding suppliers

    Jessica's Makeup at Aswarby Rectory
    Jessica's Makeup at Aswarby Rectory
    Florist based in Lincolnshire
    Florist Stem & Co
    Kirby preparing a beautiful bride on her wedding day
    Kirby Blyth Hair Stylist

    This list is a carefully picked bunch of wedding suppliers specific to Lincolnshire, near me. Over the years I have worked with many people, through experience I only recommend suppliers that provide consistently quality service. We are so fortunate to have such talented people near us. Have a look through the list and you might even spot them in some of my wedding blogs! Recommended Lincolnshire wedding venues are on a separate page – have a look through Lincolnshire based venues here.


    Jessica’s Makeup, Bethan Victoria Beauty Aesthetics

    Hair Stylist

    Kirby Blyth, Rituals Spa, Paul Gordon, Salvatore

    Wedding Dress

    Stephanie Kate, Joanna Leigh


    The Brave Ones, Lincolnshire Videography


    Rich Reynolds, James Kirman, Sophie Jane


    The Airwaves, Silver Circle Band