In March, I travelled to Melbourne Australia (not the Derbyshire version!) for the wedding of Noni and Harry. This one is super special to me and my family. My wife has known Noni since they were in their late teens as they met travelling. (I’ve seen the photos – awful fringes!) They kept in touch and Noni has been over to the UK a number of times. I finally got to meet them both in person a couple of Christmas’ ago and we all had an epic road trip down the M25 (!) before flying to Iceland to spend New Years. It was during this trip that they had decided that I would photograph their wedding. As mentioned in the speeches, apparently I’m the only one who has successfully taken Harry’s photo without him looking like Chandler from Friends!

Mornington Peninsula vineyard wedding

So, back to the wedding. With only a few short months between the proposal and the wedding, Noni and Harry did an incredible job of organising. They chose a venue set on its own vineyard on the Mornington Peninsula. It sported its very own English pub. In fact, I was able to point out Lincolnshire and Scunthorpe on a map on the wall for the barman! The food was incredible, proper tasty and proper flavours – proper pub grub. Of course, being in one of the worlds top wine areas, the drinks were also divine.

Melbourne Australia – destination wedding

The morning of the wedding brought torrential rain and the outdoor ceremony that had been planned looked a little dubious.  The bridal party had stayed in a huge house on site and after coffee, the boys set off for breakfast and the girls began getting ready. Slowly but surely the weather improved and finally the decision was made that they could have their outdoor ceremony. With views over the bay, and an incredibly emotional ceremony, Noni and Harry became husband and wife. Making the most of a gorgeous nearby beach we took a road trip, and with the honorary ‘bogan’ surfer making his entrance, we captured some of the most beautiful photos.

Musical theatre brought these two together and they certainly put on the theatrics for their guests with their joint speech, which had everyone laughing and crying and everything in between. Then they pulled out their first dance, that they had taken lessons for and been practising for weeks. It was just, brilliant.

These two rock and we love them. Plus they can organise a great wedding and let me take really good photos of them. Legends.

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