About now you will have read my about me page – if not, it’s a great place to start. It gives you an insight into how I look at the world and why I work the way I do.

My wedding photography packages are unique to every single client, but the one thing which sets me apart from other wedding photographers, is the fact my full day package is unrestricted. Meaning you have my full, undistracted attention right through the day to partying at the end of the night. It sounds crazy but there have been weddings where I have been amongst the first to arrive and the last to leave! I believe with a day as special as your wedding day, I should be there to capture it in its entirety. What’s the point in being a storyteller when you are only telling part of the story?

Due to everyones wedding being so unique it’s quite hard to give a single price that fits all. Weddings can be in a church, at a venue, in a forest and some are in a different country. What I recommend is that you get in touch, giving me as much information as possible. I can then give you a price specially customised for you.

The full day

  • Full morning preparations
  • Ceremony coverage
  • Documentary portraits & Group photos
  • Reception & Speeches
  • Creative photos of you both
  • First Dance
  • Right through until the end of the night
Get in touch to receive a personalised quote

Destination Wedding Photography

Destination weddings

  • As long as you want me for
  • Couples photo shoot on location
  • Full wedding day covered
  • Extra events on separate days
  • Locations all over the world covered

I have double and single photographer packages, get in touch to find out more.


I love to travel and having the chance to photograph your wedding in the process is a huge plus. So many people are surprised when I tell them I can travel to photograph their wedding, they didn’t think it was possible.

It all started a few years back with a wedding in Australia.  I flew all the way out there to cover a wedding which took place over a few days.  Luckily, I was able to stay a bit longer making the epic flight a lot more manageable. I now offer a package for you to do something similar. Over the years I have photographed weddings in Australia, America, France, Croatia and soon Bulgaria and Italy.

I will fly out to your wedding and cover it in full, including the build-up not just the wedding day itself. Imagine if, on the day before the ceremony,  you took a boat trip among the islands, I’ll be right there in the background enjoying it with you.  You won’t need to bring a camera yourselves as I will capture everything for you. Not many people can say they’ve had their own personal photographer on their holiday.

Quite a lot of people are concerned it will turn their holiday / wedding into one big photoshoot, that’s where they are wrong! With my approach, I know exactly when to put the camera down and give you space.

Let’s have a chat and see what I can do for you.

Wedding Albums

The beauty of print

The wedding albums I produce for my clients are beautiful, handmade volumes.  They are works of art.  Available in different textures they are extremely tactile, a joy to handle, and are personalised exclusively for you.  Decide the heading on the cover and it will be etched in either foil blocking or laser engraved to bring a touch of luxury right from the beginning.  Your names can even be etched in 22-carat gold if you wish.

The cover itself can be selected from different materials and colours including vintage or eco leather, silks, and pastel fabrics.  Then decide on the paper.  Art white or art cotton in heavy 220gsm fine art paper, or 310gsm gallery cotton.  You then need to decide on the size of the book.  They are all square so both portrait and landscape images can be used.  Available sizes are 8×8, 10×10, or 12×12 inches.  You also have the option of including a duplicate 6″x6″ album as a special memento for your proud parents.

Small collection of lincolnshire made wedding albums

The final decision to make is which type of album do you prefer?  You have two choices.  A fine art book in which the photos are printed onto the paper or a matted album which contain mounted framed images.  The decisions are all yours but I am here to help you all the way. I can provide swatches and samples to make the choice easier. Your album is typically made up of 15 spreads, (30 pages) but you can add as many as you wish.

Pile of wedding albums

Produced by experts

As you can imagine the process of producing a handmade album is an involved one.  Following the wedding I will edit all your photos before selecting those I think are best suited to be included in your wedding album.  I then create the initial draft of your album, this process usually takes between one and two weeks.  I then post this first draft on a private web page for you to view and feedback your comments.  Rest assured you have an absolute veto over which images will appear in your album.  We work together to produce the final book.

Once you are completely happy with the content and design of your wedding album the images are sent to Folio Albums, a specialist printing company, to produce the final book.   Here the photos are printed onto the pages with the process overseen by experienced colour technicians who ensure the finished photos are absolutely perfect; sharp, vibrant, and detailed.  Such is the attention to detail that the printing and binding of your album can take up to four weeks to complete.  The finished album is then packed into an exquisite box in which it can be safely and securely stored to keep it in pristine condition. 

Wedding photo album

I recommend a personalised wedding album to all my clients but of course the decision is entirely yours.  If you would like to know more or have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Questions to ask your wedding photographer

I am always around to help, I know weddings are very daunting with a lot to take in. This is something you have never done before and you probably don’t know where to start. Let me help you by compiling a list below of questions you could ask your wedding photographer. In case you wanted to ask me the very same questions I have compiled my very own answers below.

Do you photograph weddings full time?

I went full time with weddings back in 2011. Each day is spent answering emails, editing photos and liaising with clients. A lot of care and attention goes into what I do for you, this ensure your wedding day is absolutely perfect. This means I can work exclusively with every single one of my couples. If you would like to know more about my personal life have a read here.

Do you work outside of Lincolnshire?

I actually work nationally (international packages available too). Lincolnshire is just my main hub – what I’m proud to call home!

Do you work alone?

The majority of weddings I will photograph alone, but I always encourage couples book a second photographer, this is mentioned below.

Do I really need a second photographer?

My wedding photography packages are simple, one photographer or two. Having a second photographer means you have everything covered from a different angles. What this also means – while one photographer is doing group photos, the other photographer could be taking detail photos of your tables once set up. Having the second photographer can help deliver even more unique photographs for you.

Do you have insurance?

I am fully insured and policy documents are available on demand, including business documents. I have extra cover for larger venues. Not a lot of photographers have this so please check with them, as some venues will not allow vendors to work without relevant insurance.

Do you carry backup equipment?

I always carry backup gear. On your wedding day I will bring two cameras and a selection of lenses. I have backups of lighting equipment and also backup memory cards. I have everything covered to ensure nothing will go wrong.

In the event of bad weather do you have a backup plan?

I have many years of experience under my belt before I started doing weddings, no situation can phase me! In the event of rain I carry sandwich bags (photographer trick!) for flashes and a range of umbrellas, white and multiple colours.

Do you do specific photo requests?

I always welcome you as a client to get in touch with me and share your ideas. I will never copy an idea directly as I am extremely passionate about delivering photos that are personal to you. What I will do is take these ideas onboard and interpret it in my own way. Generally I will go over these requests before the wedding in the pre-wedding meet and will also take on board any requests as they occur in the day. What I can’t do is read minds so if there is something you specifically want capturing, please speak up.

Why do you charge so much?

My pricing is worked out on how many hours I put into each wedding. What many people don’t see is that I dedicate almost 80 hours to your wedding and engagement shoot! A tiny portion of those hours is the actual wedding day itself. Editing and retouching is the most time consuming element to a wedding, I work exclusively with you and designate your very own edit slot in my diary. Generally this takes 14 days but I’ve had weddings take a little longer.

If you have spoken to anyone who’s booked me previously or had a good look through my engagement galleries you will notice I have no time limit on how long your engagement shoot can be. Previously some clients have been 3 hours, and some longer, up to 10 hours. I put no pressure on restrictions to make sure the creativity and friendship between us flows. This is something I offer that is very different to many others in the industry.

Other costs encountered during the wedding are general administration and accounting costs, this section is generally covered by your initial deposit.

Wedding photography packages can be adapted for each couple, if unsure, please ask.

Can we meet you before booking?

I always insist on meeting before the wedding. As a client you should always meet before you book anything. Weddings are not just about numbers and money, they are about the personal connection between me and you. I can either come to you or we can arrange somewhere to meet. I also do a lot of meetings using Skype or Facetime as I have an increasing number of busy couples living nationwide.

How do we book and how much are deposits?

My deposits are £400 non refundable, these costs are to cover my administration costs and to hold the date. I cannot hold any date without a deposit under any circumstances. Every wedding photography package has the same deposit. I do this in case you wish to change your package before the wedding date.

When will we have to pay?

Your wedding will need to be paid in full 7 days before the wedding.

What will you be wearing on the wedding day?

I always dress like guests, making the effort to be stylish and non intrusive. Usually photographers dress in black, but I choose to dress with class to reflect my brand and personality. Put simply – I have no uniform!

Are our wedding photos backed up after the wedding?

On the evening of your wedding all your photographs will be uploaded into my backup archive. This is double backed up at home and offsite. This means your photographs will be covered in case of fire, act of god, or if our computers are stolen.

How long will it take you to deliver our photos?

Peak season (May until November) it can take up to a month to deliver your photos, but in offpeak season (November until May) as quick as 14 days.

Can we print our own photos from the DVD?

I give full permission for you to print your own photographs. In the event they ask for proof of rights I can supply you with the relevant letter.

Do you do destination weddings?

I have already covered weddings in Australia, America, France and Croatia. In 2018 I have another Australian wedding and Bulgaria. For destination weddings I charge my full wedding photography package rate + expenses such as flight and accommodation on top. This may sound expensive but generally you receive a package that is a week long. In this time I am yours to do as you wish. This means I can cover any excursions you have, do a couples shoot at home and while I am out there with you. I even offer family shoots with your guests, all included in the cost.

Engagement / Pre-shoot Questions

Where and when can we have our engagement photo shoot?

I want to make it all about you when it comes to the engagement sessions. Once you are ready please contact me 2 weeks before the date you wish to book (to ensure I am free), I will then schedule a meeting to discuss ideas and find out exactly what would suit you both as a couple. I am willing to travel anywhere in the UK, for locations outside of Lincolnshire a fuel charge of 50p per mile will be incurred – but if you give us a lift there is no charge!

Can we bring our pets?

I always welcome pets on engagement shoots, although I always give a little advice beforehand. While it is a great chance to get beautiful photos of you with your pet – from experience even the most well behaved pets tend to get in the way during the shoot. This isn’t a problem at all as I am animal lover/pet owner myself but I always say you need to think, is the shoot about you or your pet? Think wisely!

How long will you take to deliver the engagement photos?

I generally have the engagement photos with you within 1-2 weeks of the shoot.