Zara and Matt’s Shustoke Barn wedding photography was one of those weddings that makes a photographer go, ‘oooh!’ Never mind the photographer, it’s an amazing one for anyone to look at! Honestly, legendary people, awesome venue and truly stunning details from the start to the end.

Shustoke Barn wedding photography

Zara and Matt chose to have two photographers for their wedding, which meant lots of photos of both bridal preparations and the groom getting ready. So many moments of loveliness! It also meant different angles during the ceremony and oodles of candid shots of the guests through the day. Having a second photographer is a personal choice, but it does mean that you get extra coverage and the opportunity to see what happened with both of you on the morning of your wedding day.

Festoon lights, smoke bombs AND sparkler photos?!

These guys had everything – smoke bombs, festoon lit couple photos and sparklers. All of which was incredible to be part of as a guest and of course looked even more impressive on camera. I was very lucky shooting this Shustoke Barn wedding photography as it all just fell into my camera (if only it was that easy ha!) But, I had so much fun at this wedding, getting creative and getting know the couple even better and the guests.

Candid photography

I’ve been really picky with the images chosen for this wedding – not because there weren’t many photos – I could have used hundreds, but because I really want you to see how much wow there is in each one of the photos below. I’m always more than happy to share full galleries, so do ask if you want to see all of the other incredible moments. But, less of me, enjoy this tasting menu of photography fabulousness!

*Zara and Matt’s gorgeous Shustoke wedding was featured over at the amazing wedding blog Boho Weddings!

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