Abbie and Miles needed a small wedding photographer at Hirst Priory for their small in numbers December day. Numbers were restricted, due to the reasons we all know about in the winter of 2020, but it meant they were able to have a truly intimate ceremony. They made the most of the vaults – the basement rooms – at Hirst Priory wedding venue. Bedecked in lights, the arched ceiling made for some incredibly powerful ceremony shots. I love a good leading line and this was a perfect example.

Small wedding

Following the ceremony we were able to take some beautiful couple photos. Honestly, I’ve seen worse in styled shoots with models (and these are never poor quality, since you’re all experts in your field and there’s no rush!) Abbie and Miles are clearly head over heels in love, but in a subtle, self assured kind of way. Surrounded by the ancient brick walls, boho detailing and candle light, they made something big out of their small wedding. Using the rooms upstairs at Hirst Priory, and taking a short walk outside, finished off their beautifully individual and unique special day.

The Vaults ceremony

One thing that I hope does stay from the past couple of years, is the love of an elopement. It has unfortunately been a necessity for those who wanted to get married, but plenty of people (and I hope more do too!) choose to have few guests on their wedding day. A small wedding has an intimacy that can’t be found when the guest list is huge. It allows for a more relaxed schedule and chance for the bride and groom to spend time together and speak with all of their guests.

More than anything, I want couple to have the choice! The choice to have a huge  or a tiny wedding; on a grand scale with a guest list as long as your arm, or a just the couple elopement wedding. Because, at the end of the day, it’s only meant to be once!


Finding a wedding photographer may sound easier than you think. But, being able to find those images that are unique to smaller weddings can be harder than you think. I love the challenge of an elopement and loved this occasion Want to see another held at the beautiful Hirst Priory? Check out this blog post here. Or, looking for a tipi wedding? Check this out!

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Hirst Priory Wedding Venue Lincolnshire

Hirst Priory – Wedding Venue

Hirst Priory is a stunning wedding venue, offering so many options for all of the different parts of your day. It’s easy to see why it’s a popular choice. Even if you know someone else who had their wedding held here, your guests can be treated to an amazing and unique day.
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