Lauren and Adam’s wedding at Preston Priory Barn, was one I’d been waiting all summer for, and I got to be their Suffolk wedding photographer! I’d had such a great time on their engagement shoot in Yorkshire, that I knew the wedding itself would be awesome. I recently blogged their bluebell engagement shoot at Brimham Rocks, check it out here.

Suffolk wedding photographer

The wedding day itself was a perfect English summers day, which perfectly matched the theme of their wedding. Any Suffolk wedding photographer would have chewed their right (or left!) arm off to be there that day. In the morning all of the bridesmaids were so chilled in their matching flowery dressing gowns. Everyone was just getting on with their thing and surrounding Lauren with so much friendship and love. The atmosphere in the room when Lauren showed herself to everyone was beautiful.

The ceremony itself took place in Preston Priory Barn. It’s a gorgeous venue with wooden beams that can’t be recreated without a long time of weathering. Poor Adam was so in the moment he lost his cool and cried as Lauren walked down the aisle. To be fair, this is often the most emotional part of a day and no more so than for the groom. This is only second to speeches where tears can be emotional, at the hilarity or sheer embarrassment! You can make your mind up on this when you look at these photos. 

A gorgeous summer wedding at Preston Priory Barn

The golden hour – when the sun starts to set and the sky has that summer haze – was perfect. We made the most and captured some stunning couple photos. Honestly, the whole day was so English country that even the weather played along. The party went long into the night and no one was left behind for the dancing. There’s some slick moves on display!

Have a look through some of these selected photos from the ones I delivered to the couple.

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