When a new baby joined the crew, Hannah and Matthew were on the look out for a Hull family photographer. With two older children, newborn Ettie, was a the jigsaw piece they never knew they were missing! Hannah had booked me before Ettie was even born. We’d discussed possible dates for the newborn photography session, but I was able to be flexible around their needs. A family photo, which isn’t rushed and where you’ve all made the effort, is the type of amazing photos that makes it onto the mantelpiece for years to come to treasure forever.

Hull family photographer

A newborn photo seems to be the thing to do these days – and I would 100% recommend finding a professionally trained newborn session photographer for those shoots where baby is wrapped up like a burrito. So whilst I offer this as a newborn photoshoot, this isn’t the type of photography I do. Purely because I’m not trained, and untrained photographers can be more harm than good. So now onto the what I do do!

Newborn photography – and doing it right

Whilst this family photoshoot included a newborn, it wasn’t purely for and of her. My family photoshoots can make everyone a focus, and this is why the family received photos of mum and dad, mum and the kids, dad and the kids and all sorts of group combinations! All of which were cute, funny and showed the love they have as a family. I also do maternity photography and photography of families to any age. Basically, if you’re at a point in life where you want really nice photos capturing, I’m your man.

East Yorkshire photoshoot locations

As a Hull family photographer, the whole family matters. Whatever structure your family has, is what I shoot. When it comes to a family photoshoot there’s no time limits (to a degree, as it’s not good for anyone to drag it out!) With this family, we took some photos at home, before finding a local Hull beauty spot at the beach for some gorgeous sunny images. This was before a quick pit stop at granny and grandads house for a few final portraits, where I think they’d planned to have tea. All very chilled and relaxed, and around the needs of a newborn baby and a newly adjusting family.

These family photo shoots are the perfect gift for a new family, or a way to get the images you want for yourselves and can print to send as gifts. I offer vouchers that can be gifted for Christmas, birthdays or just because. There really are no rules for when a family photoshoot is right for you.

I hope you enjoyed this Hull family photographer and this photoshoot. I also travel all over Yorkshire, including to West Yorkshire!

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