Wootton Hall - a Lincolnshire country estate wedding venue

Whether you’ve just got engaged, your wedding dates set and looking for a wedding venue, or have already booked Wootton Hall as your wedding venue, as a Wootton Hall wedding photographer, I aim to give you some serious wedding inspiration for your wedding day. As it can be useful to see a wedding venue from a photographer’s eyes, as I can highlight the many positives. This Lincolnshire venue has only a limited number of weddings and promise exclusive use, which immediately shows you’ll have a luxury wedding. It’s decor is new and fresh and would suit a couple who dreamed of being married with a blend of chandeliers in the hall and barns to celebrate in. Where you can wander the beautiful private grounds day and night (hello to exclusive use!) with the unique experience of ticking off some period drama dreams along the way.

Barn wedding and country home in one

Wootton Hall is a new Lincolnshire wedding venue that offers a wedding barn as well as the country house and dedicated space to enjoy your meal and dance floor. No heading off into a waiting room when the ceremony ends. The wedding barn has it’s rustic charm, but is a long way from barn weddings of old, where you could still smell the animals. Everything is done to the highest quality.

Wootton Hall has taken the barn venue into the 21st century, blending it with an industrial chic. Your wedding plans can take on their own spin, knowing the Wootton Hall canvas is high quality, to add your own touch.

Arrive through the Lincolnshire countryside down the private driveway at Wotton Hall, you and your guests are in for a special day, or weekend. There’s no sharing Wootton Hall, with only one event at a time and plenty of accommodation for your guests, surrounded by that private beautiful countryside.

With a dedicated team on hand, headed by the amazing planner, Lou, a couples dreams can be made a wedding reality. This Wootton Hall wedding photographer loves shooting weddings at this luxury wedding venue.

Gorgeous wedding photo from Wootton Hall in Lincolnshire.

Outdoor summer ceremonies at Wootton Hall

With the exclusive use, Wootton Hall has exactly that, a stunning country house hall for you to host your wedding. They also offer outdoor wedding options too. As it is now legal to get wed outdoors, I imagine a lot of couples with summer weddings, will choose the outdoor option. But, should the weather turn, (and I know nearly every bride spends the week leading to the wedding looking at the weather!) you know the hall is just there to accommodate your wedding ceremony. Georgia and Dan had done just that, and as the weather was interchangeable, the fantastic team at Wotton Hall were on hand to make a decision on the day.

Ceremony in front of the house

Georgia and Dan chose Wootton Hall for their wedding in Lincolnshire. With the stunning house, a wedding day round of golf and and outdoor wedding ceremony, it’s a real stunner. I’ve blogged their wedding here.

Outdoor Ceremony
Photo of bridesmaids in the morning

Wootton Hall wedding photographer - photographs that showcase elegance

The best way to show you how great this venue is – is to show you a selection of images I have captured at Wotton Hall weddings. You can see the range of options it offers and get some inspiration for your own wedding. It truly is a wedding venue that offers it all.

wedding photographer should be able to avoid harsh light like this
Wootton Hall Wedding Portfolio Shot 5
Wootton Hall Wedding Portfolio Shot 6

Visit Wootton Hall own website to book a viewing

Main course at wootton hall

My top 5 special touches at Wootton Hall

  1. Exclusive use golf course - a perfect experience for a wedding weekend

  2. A civil ceremony in the house or on the unique lawn, in front of the stunning Wootton Hall facade.

  3. Gorgeous, private woodland to explore

  4. Private space to relax and accommodate up to 150 guests

  5. Incredible bespoke food by an amazing chef

But most importantly, Wootton Hall has clearly been thought about a great deal and I love the attention to detail. Your wedding isn’t just a number here, it’s a beautiful hand crafted day to remember for life.

Let loose and party the night away

Naomi and Jack made full use of the grounds. With beautiful summer sun shining down on them, they spent most of the day in the tent located in the walled garden at Wootton Hall, and then made the absolute fullest of the dance floor in the barn.

Blog Post coming soon!

As a Wootton Hall wedding photographer I could talk for hours about this North Lincolnshire wedding venue, but if you’re unsure and your requirements match on paper, I’d recommend taking a visit to the hall and see for yourself. Cottages with hot tubs, cosy outdoor breakfast areas, the possibilities for intimate weddings or weddings on a grand scale. There’s more to see than I’ve written here, or even captured in the wedding blogs featured on this page. Have a look and enjoy!

Final words - I party with you until the end

The barn at Wootton Hall offers a unique area next to the main room that forms a dance floor. This means your guests can either have a seat and drink chatting with friends – or head on over to the dance floor. As a standard part of my packages I stay well beyond the first dance, taking photos of the whole evening. No leaving after the first dance for me. Here’s a collection of some photos from recent weddings at Wootton Hall.

Partying at Wootton Hall 1
Wootton hall partying
Guy laughing on the dancefloor
Partying at a country estate
Looking at Wootton Hall for your wedding venue? You won't regret it whether a Lincolnshire resident or not!

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