These are the most common family photoshoot questions

Booking a family photoshoot might be daunting at first, as you don’t know what to ask, especially if its your first photography session with a professional photographer. I have created this page as a collection of commonly asked family photoshoot questions I’ve encountered over the years – hopefully this will help cover any you have.

If there is anything on this list that I haven’t mentioned – just contact me here and I’ll get right back to you. This should cover most of the details when it comes to all the details of family pictures.

  1. Where do you take family photos?
  2. What will we wear?
  3. How do you describe your style?
  4. How many people are allowed at a family photo session?
  5. Are there any extra costs?
  6. How long is delivery of the final photographs?
  7. How will you deliver our images?
  8. Do you have repeat clients?
  9. Do you allow special requests?
  10. Can we see full family photography galleries?
  11. When is final payment due?
  12. Are pets allowed?
Mother and baby photoshoot in summer

Where do you take family photos?

I let my clients decide!

When you book your photoshoot I always ask you – where are common places you go as a family? Do you like walks at a local park, or do you explore the local beach, or maybe its a holiday place you love to go to and you have it booked soon?

There are so many places you don’t realise will make an amazing location and amazing pictures.

Don’t worry though, one of the most personal and amazing places is right on your doorstep, literally your home! There will be endless opportunities, especially as a baby photographer. I also have little places for a child photoshoot near me, that we could use.

Being in a great place and being close with loved ones makes for the most interesting stories and creates moments that are a dream when it comes to photography.

What should we wear?

This is the most popular family photoshoot questions! I always say wear something comfortable that best represents you. Don’t match your clothing exactly but match the style – complimenting each other makes for a great photo.

Dress accordingly to your surroundings, for example a suit might look extremely strange while climbing a mountain, but it might look great in the city!

One of the best sources for inspiration are catalogues or the website of the brand you might be wearing. For example the Barbour website has so many beautiful images, search “look book” on the end of a brand name for inspiration.

Family photoshoot in the woods in autumn

How do you describe your style?

As a family photographer, I would consider my style relaxed and documentary designed to capture your personality. While a lot of family photo shoots are against a white background and within a studio, I feel this might feel uncomfortable, but by having them on location they become lifestyle sessions. There are so many wonderful opportunities for outdoor family photoshoot near me.

A photographers job is making the whole family feel more relaxed. That’s when your personalities shine through, and when you feel comfortable.

I look for moments full of colour and happiness.

As a child photographer we always say its all in the details, but it’s really all about personality. If you can capture that within the photo you have achieved your goal. That is the best representation of a person.

How many people are allowed at a family photo session?

Family shoots are immediate family – this is usually parents and children as an example of numbers. Although I do larger photoshoots with more family members, these often require a little more organisation and I charge a little extra for larger ones.

Every extra family group there is a £50 charge on top.

Mother and daughter family photoshoot
Infant family photoshoot outdoor in winter

Are there any extra costs?

For a standard family grouping, within 1 hour of DN17, there are no extra charges. You will receive an online gallery with an unlimited number of images to download and print at leisure.

For locations further than 1 hour from DN17, there’s a small charge of 50p per mile for fuel costs and wear/tear on the vehicle. Further than 2 hours may require accommodation the night before or after the shoot. I use membership cards on hotels to keep these costs down. If you require a USB, there will be a £50 charge.

Please don’t let this put you off – reach out to discuss.

Toddler family photoshoot

How long is delivery of the final photographs?

Delivery is a short period after the shoot. Depending on the time of year, it is generally a few days after the family portraits they will arrive via the online gallery. In extreme cases, it can be a couple of weeks in the summer months, as I am primarily a wedding photographer and these take priority.

I always want to ensure a speedy delivery of your photos and editing time is booked into the diary alongside your photo shoot.


How will you deliver our images?

I will deliver your digital images via an online gallery, at high resolution JPEG format. This includes a download code to download all the photos at high resolution and where images can also be downloaded to your phone. If you require a USB of your images, this will be charged at £50 per USB.

You can use the convenient online print service attached to the gallery, or choose to download the images and print elsewhere.

Do you have repeat clients?

Of course! I’ve had one family document their family over the past 5 years, from the birth of their little one through to their recent addition to the family. I feel like part of the family myself and meeting them each time makes me so happy to be able to hang out with them again. It’s an honour to be able to do this.

One idea is to book each year, then get a small mini album made of your photos. This way in years to come all these moments are there for you to look back on. I can help with this, or you can do this yourself with your images. All families should do this in my personal opinion, as time truly does fly.

Do you allow special requests?

We have a chat over the phone or via email on the run up to the shoot to answer any family photoshoot questions. This gives you opportunity to understand the whole process and if there are any special requests you can mention these then.

I am always open to ideas and things you may have in mind.

Newborn baby family photoshoot
Children should have fun! Fill the family photographer sessions with lots of things for them to do.
Family photography with no posing, naturally captured moments.
photographer images that reflect who you are. Photos to look back on for families to enjoy.

Can we see full family photography galleries?

Absolutely, I have a collection of galleries that have agreed for me to show their story. It’s important as a business to show an honest representation of your work and seeing a full gallery is open and transparent.

Just send me a message via my contact form if you are curious.

I also have a range of galleries which highlight a few images from a session on my blog, click this link to see those.

When is final payment due?

Final payment for the session is due up front when booking. This way it makes it simple and there’s no handling cash on the day. I want the shoot to be completely relaxed and when there’s money involved it means time is allocated away from having fun! This is industry standard for most photographers.

You can pay via BAC’s transfer or via Paypal on this page. Credit cards are accepted via Paypal.

Photo sessions in winter make for beautifully lit pictures.

Are pets allowed?

Pets are your children too! Absolutely they are allowed and I have some nifty photographers tricks. When it comes to a family picture you want to include the whole family in the session.

The only bit I mention as a caution, is about how nervous your pet might be. Sometimes a pet cant be left on it’s own while we get other images, or they might distract from the rest of the photoshoot.

This is where friends come in handy, maybe ask one to come along and take your pet off for a walk midway? This way we can ensure we get portraits and other types of photos without you being distracted.

family photos with your child are important memories to preserve forever and photographers can do this so well

Aden came when Ettie was just ten days old and wow… he made the whole experience amazing! He was so calm with the kids and made it all so fun and natural. He even managed to persuade me and my husband to be in a few shots too, something we both hated the idea of as we normally get really awkward but he got some of the nicest photos!

Hannah, 2022

I hope this has covered all of your family photoshoot questions. Head on back to the previous page if I’m a good fit and you’re interested to find out my session fee. Let me capture your photos. Let’s get a date in the diary!

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